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Sensitive content message

Last updated on September 02, 2023

Make sure the privacy, security, and compliance of your content with Sensitive Content Labels.

With Gotlinkme's Sensitive Content Label features, you can do things such as enabling an overlay to display over the top of your Gotlinkme, which your visitors must accept before they can see your Gotlinkme content.

You can also add a lock to your links to make sure that your visitors are aware of any sensitive content that they may be visiting.

This is great for creators with age-sensitive content or any brand that's required by law to seek their visitor's acknowledgment before seeing their content, such as alcohol, gaming, and adult brands.


How to enable the Sensitive Content message on your

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In your Gotlinkme Admin, click Bio Pages.

Go to tab Settings, Hit the toggle to enable the feature Sensitive Content

Gotlinkme has strict community guidelines and uses policies that prohibit the use of the service to be used for anything of an illegal, adverse security, or spam nature. This feature is not intended to enable this type of content. This feature exists to enable legitimate users and brands using the service that has a legal obligation to alert their visitors or seek their visitor's acknowledgment prior to viewing their content. 

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