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How to add Campaign URL on Bio Pages

Last updated on September 01, 2023

Our link bio page allows content creators to easily set up their content campaigns in the bio link.

💡 What is a campaign?

A campaign can be used to group links together for various purpose. You can use the dedicated rotator link where a random link will be chosen and redirected to among the group. You will also be able to view aggregated statistics for a campaign.


1. Login to your account

2. Go to link management and click Campaigns

3. Create a campaign and fill the form

  • Campaign Name (required)
  • Rotator Slug (optional)
    If you want to set a custom alias for the rotator link, you can fill this field.

🔔 Note: To create a list page for the campaign, you need a default bio page and public profile settings.

4. After your create campaign go to link management click Links and edit the link you want to make into a campaign and select an existing campaign

🎉🎉 Bravoo... Your campaign link on the bio pages has been created!

🔔 Note: Campaigns are only available for premium and business plans.

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