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How to create QR Codes on

Last updated on September 02, 2023

Our application can create static or dynamic QR Codes such as text, phone, SMS & message, WiFi, vCard, Event Info, Link, Email, Application, File

You will be able to download the QR code in PDF or SVG after it has been generated.

💡 Tip: If you are using a fancy design, your QR code might not be readible. If that is the case, you can increase Error Correction to ensure optimal readability. It is recommended to test the QR code before saving it.


1. Login to your account

2. Go to QR Codes menu

3. Create and fill the form

  • QR Code Name
  • Choose QR Type
    • Static QR: Static QR codes cannot be tracked.
    • Dynamic QR: With dynamic QR codes, you can track things like location, browser and device when a user scans the QR code.
  • Design & Color 

🎉🎉 Bravoo... Your QR Codes has been created!

🔔 Note: You can integration QR Codes toShortlink or Bio Pages


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