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How to Add CTA Overlay on Bio Pages

Last updated on September 08, 2023

Our link bio page allows content creators to display CTA Overlays

💡 What is a CTA overlay?

An overlay page allows you to display a small non-intrusive overlay on the destination website to advertise your product or your services. You can also use this feature to send a message to your users. You can customize the message and the appearance of the overlay right from this page. As soon as you save it, the changes will be applied immediately across all your URLs using this type. Please note that some secured and sensitive websites such as or do not work with this feature. You can have unlimited overlay pages and you can choose one for each URL


1. Login to your account

2. Go to link management and click CTA Overlay

3. Create a CTA Overlay and Select the CTA you want as below

  • CTA Contact: Create a contact form where users will be able to contact you via email.
  • CTA Poll: Create a quick poll where users will be able to answer it upon visit.
  • CTA Message: Create a small popup with a message and a link to a page or a product.
  • CTA Newsletter: Create a small popup form to collect emails from users.
  • CTA Image: Create a small popup with an image of your choice.
  • Coupon: Create a small popup with a coupon code that users can use

.4. Once you've created your CTA, go to link management, click Links and edit the link you want to display the CTA Overlay on, then select the Direct dropdown and select CTA Overlay

🎉🎉 Bravoo... Your CTA Overlay on the links bio pages has been created!


🔔 Note: CTA Overlay are only available for premium and business plans.

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